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I mentioned in another post I’ve joined the pinterest phenomenon. Basically I use it as a visual bookmarking system with two results. 1) I can login to pinterest and pretty instantly see something joyful. That’s pretty cool in this crazy world of information overload. 2) I remember the DIY projects I want to try. Also cool because I’ve actually done some*.
How does one add even more joy to this marvel? I don’t want to toot my own horn, but I remembered a DIY project a friend had pinned… and made it for her for her birthday. Joyful for her, joyful for me. Who says pinterest is a worthless time suck?
image: handmade braceletsimage: handmade bracelets
* The whole cutting glass without cutting glass scenario… unsuccessful for me. Nail polish remover wouldn’t even light the (yes, 100% cotton) string on fire. To get the glass to break at all I wrapped the string four times around a bottle after soaking it in lighter fluid. There may have been some jokes about burning the house down. After about a minute heating the glass up I dropped it in the cool water and the cut was crooked and both pieces had veins of shattering going perpendicular to the main cut. Oh well, it was a lot of fun to attempt, anyway.

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