to sell or not to sell

Having an etsy shop that is more of a hobby than a business can make it tough when deciding whether to sell something  or not. This necklace is a good example. I love it and have a variety of places I could wear it. It’s crocheted out of hemp, which is not particularly easy to work with and I invested a lot of time in crafting it. Do I keep it and enjoy it myself? Or share it with the big, bad world and see if there is someone out there willing to trade  their hard-earned money for it? If this were a real business I’d look at ROI. In this case, as in pretty much everything I’ve posted on etsy, the answer is nil. I don’t buy wholesale or have any “economies of scale”. Everything I make is inspired by something I’ve seen or a beautiful material I can’t pass up at the store. So, what to do?

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