crocheted decor

When I think of crocheted decor I think of doilies. Until pinterest happened to me. And I saw potted plants with crocheted pot holders. Of course I had to create my own version. Modern, casual and a little bit different.
image potted plant in a white crocheted pot holder with beads


market research vs. adventure

I thought I was being so inventive when I made a wine bag out of wool. It makes a great gift bag and absorbs condensation from a chilled bottle. Look at it. Can’t you just picture yourself on a bluff in Ireland with your Land Rover parked nearby, a huge blanket on the ground and the perfectly chilled bottle of your favorite beverage being presented in this lovely bag? Yes, well, it turns out lots of other people have had this idea. A quick search on etsy brings up everything from simple wool to vintage poodle cozies.  The lesson to be learned here? Market research should be done first if you’re running a real business. Thankfully, I am not and I shall continue to consider myself an intrepid, crocheting adventurer.
image: wool wine bag


card books

I pulled all of the cards I’ve saved out of storage over the weekend to create card books. Not being someone who really thinks through the emotional consequences of craft projects prior to jumping in I have to admit I was taken off guard. First, because I was faced with 20 years of cards from my grandparents who recently passed away. Then there are the 3 jam-packed envelopes full of mail I received when I was at camp, a counselor at camp and later, an exchange student. Now I realize I was never homesick because home was never far away. Mostly, though, sitting amongst all those cards*, I felt so overwhelmingly loved, it was really amazing.
While I am opposed to hoarding, in general, I’m really glad I kept all of those cards. I’m looking forward to pulling out my Valentine’s card book next week and flipping through it.
*Chronological piles arranged in a grid where x was events by calendar year and y was who I received it from. Tissue box within reach at all times.