I added a couple of new baskets on etsy and then… came across these baskets. Which are lovely… and favorited by me. Très elegant in their simplicity. Her photography is inspiring, too.
In other news, I’m happy to report my etsy shop and a couple of baskets have been favorited by total strangers. Pretty amazing, right?
Here are the latest additions to trigonetsy.com:
close-up image of off-white, chunky basket with hemp twine and green beads
image of stormy ocean blue basket with bright orange tangerines


lumps of coal

Loved the idea of “lumps of coal” for the kiddies this year. Maybe one or two big people, too. (Talkin’ to you, Bro.) Courtesy of eighteen25, they’re actually rice krispy treats died black… or in this case, an odd shade of grey-purple. I used the entire container of Wilton’s candy color and they’re not quite black. That’s okay, it will be fun to see the little guys’ reaction when I tell them Santa told me they were naughty this year… And then make it all better with their real presents. Merry Christmas to you and yours!

image of rice krispy lumps of coal in baggies


raise your scissors

I hung out at the Urban Craft Uprising this weekend, Seattle’s largest indie craft show. It’s so fun to meet people whose shops I’ve admired on etsy. A little surreal, too. I mean, these people are uber creative and wow, they’re human, too. I could run on about the jewelry for a few pages, lots of beautiful, vintage inspired pieces. I ate a GF brownie and savory shortbread from Dolce Lou that were good enough to drop the GF from the title. And I encountered “shower art” for the first time. Waterproof, acrylic coated art with suction cups to hang in your shower. I’m thinking that’s a new niche with a lot of potential. Seriously.
Coming soon to an etsy shop near you: a pair of petite baskets with freshwater pearl accents.
image: closely cropped image of green baskets with pearl beads