edible gluten free brownies

Edible” is the key word in that title. Since receiving a verdict of “gluten intolerant” I’ve tried a plethora of gluten-free products and with the exception of one pasta, one cookie and one bread, I’d rather not eat them. This goes for most of the gluten free recipes I’ve tried as well. Don’t for a moment think that I’m a carb-hater. On the contrary, I appreciate a good, solid beer and soft, doughy bread with a nice crust. I’m persevering in my efforts, supergirl style, and was recently rewarded when I made a batch of brownies.

The super-easy batter was whipped up in a food processor. The result: surprisingly decadent, moist brownies, sans flour. How was this feat achieved, you ask? Black beans. Three cheers to Chocolate and Carrots for posting the yummy recipe!

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