flying by the seat of my pants

I like this quote, “I’m an idealist, I don’t know where I’m going, but I’m on my way.” because it tells me I don’t always need to have a plan. As a planner and a list-maker there’s quite a bit of freedom there. When I came across this ridiculously soft yarn in shades of chocolate and strawberry I knew there was a birthday gift for my niece in it. Without a plan, in the midst of the end-of-the-year holiday chaos, I bought a few skeins figuring six months was plenty of time to make something.

It’s truthful to say I didn’t procrastinate. I mulled over what to make for quite some time and second-guessed myself often. Do I lose points as a favorite auntie by crocheting a gift for a tween? Heavens. More than once I asked myself what I was thinking when I bought a bunch of yarn without any idea of what I was going to make.

Six months is plenty of time to make a gift. I don’t recommend spending four or five months planning, however. Especially if your niece’s birthday lands on the same day as a huge deadline at your day job. Working 14 hour weekdays and over the weekends doesn’t leave a lot of leisure time. 

Flying by the seat of my pants has it’s place. Next time I think I’ll have a plan before buying the super soft, super cute yarn that is perfect for someone.

If you're wondering... in the end I made niece-sized and American Girl-sized hats and bags. In a moment that hardly smacks of supergirl-ness I had to run out to the store for an additional skein of yarn to finish the project.


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