the house scarf

My mother is petite and slim and one of those souls who gets chilled. In the middle of the summer she requested a “house scarf”. About yay big, holding out her hands. “And not too thick.” Thick, in this case, meaning wide, further conversion explained. I set forth with a soft, fuzzy yarn and for kicks crocheted it the long way. The scarf is only 10 rows wide. Upon finishing it I realized it needed a finishing touch. A trip to the fabric store resulted in a big button made of coconut and I was feeling like I might need a house scarf myself. I admit, I tried it on. And function won over fashion when I added a small piece of Velcro as a way to to hold the scarf neatly against the throat.
I surprised her with it on her birthday and it makes me super happy she requested another. “One for upstairs and one for downstairs.” Of course.
image of house scarf

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