what are you eating?

What are you eating?! You'd be surprised how often I get this question. I work in a Better Off Ted style office and most of my coworkers eat Lean Cuisines for lunch and dinner. I guess that's why they can't identify my food - it's not precut, precooked and prepackaged. So, to save cubicleland from a sodium overdose, let's take a look at supergirl's lunch.

Pretty basic, bread, cheese, spinach, cucumber. What makes it supergirl worthy? 1) Superfast to prepare. 2) Doesn't bust the budget. All of the ingredients can be picked up at Costco and brought to work on Monday. You'll have plenty for lunch everyday AND you don't have to remember your lunch the rest of the week (did I mention my middle name is "efficient"?). Details: the bread is organic whole sprouted wheat, I like Silverhills Bakery "Squirrelly" bread. You can't tell it's sprouted, it tastes like a nice, nutty wheat bread filled with good-for-you fiber and other nutrients that usually get chopped out. Cheese, havarti is my favorite, I switch it up with cream cheese or low-fat Swiss. Pre-washed spinach (gotta get your iron supergirls) and baby cucs top it off. Slice the cucumber the long way to look extra fancy. I'm not an expert, but all-in-all you're looking at a 400+ calorie lunch that is packed with protein and fiber. What are you eating?

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