scrambled eggs for lunch

I really love this basket. The color of the yarn reminds me of one of my best friend’s eyes, a pleasing shade of grayish blue. The texture of the yarn is perfect for a crocheted basket; strong enough to keep it’s shape and soft to the touch. The accent row and the wood beads finish it off nicely. That’s not why it warrants it’s own post. The funny part of the story is, yes, there were egg casualtes in the making of this picture. I knew it was going to happen when I took the eggs out of the fridge. Do I stop myself and say hey, self, do this another day. Noooo. Of course not. I prayed the eggs wouldn’t break in the basket. Thankfully, none did. I had scrambled eggs for lunch that day.
blue-gray basket, wood bead accents, filled with eggs

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