raise your scissors

I hung out at the Urban Craft Uprising this weekend, Seattle’s largest indie craft show. It’s so fun to meet people whose shops I’ve admired on etsy. A little surreal, too. I mean, these people are uber creative and wow, they’re human, too. I could run on about the jewelry for a few pages, lots of beautiful, vintage inspired pieces. I ate a GF brownie and savory shortbread from Dolce Lou that were good enough to drop the GF from the title. And I encountered “shower art” for the first time. Waterproof, acrylic coated art with suction cups to hang in your shower. I’m thinking that’s a new niche with a lot of potential. Seriously.
Coming soon to an etsy shop near you: a pair of petite baskets with freshwater pearl accents.
image: closely cropped image of green baskets with pearl beads

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